Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From the tent..

We have seen the most stunning buildings, statues, monuments, churches, bridges - the list goes on.  Hightlights being Dresden, Prague, Vienna where our jaws dropped as we cycled into the city in awe of long gone artists. 

However, we both feel in our hearts that the places we have connected with the most have been the rolling countryside, the snaking rivers and high stone cliffs.  Riding through forests, or in Switzerland where the vineyards paved the wave for us and cherry trees hung full, ripe, and we basically overdosed on the delish little fruits. 

So this post is direct from the tent - from day one in Turkey I have taken a photo of each place (I have chosen my favourites) we found ourselves collapsing into the tent, exhusted but energetic, excited, sometimes a little nervous but on top of the world. 


  1. Love the pictures from the Tent! Fantastic Idea! Sounds like you kids are having fun! All Good here just 8 wks away from the birth of Baby Jessica...Keep up the updates


  2. Big hello from Nan and Pop