Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Berlin to Prague

Getting out of Berlin was harder than expected, we did a few laps and finally found a bike path that hugged the autobahn.  We pushed really hard to get as far as we could but as the sky's started to darken we realised a huge storm was building - and it doesn't matter how fast you cycle you can never outrun a storm.

We rode into a little town and with no where to camp I saw a light on in a house and envisaged fresh schnitzel and hot chocolate waiting for us beyond the door.  Unfortunately the couple who answered the door where a little taken back and said no to us camping in their yard for better shelter, instead they pointed to the field across the way and said we would have no problems. 

Setting up the tent with the storm closing in, we realised my bed had fallen off the back of the bike at some point during the day.  This was terrible news for Cara who lost one thong as well and thought using the sleeping bag as a mattress was a good solution that turned terrible when water pooled from the 8hrs of rain that ensued.  

We woke to the sound of footsteps and then a man's voice saying "coffee ten minutes", and as quick as hyenas to a kill we were walking to the house where the couple who declined us last night had set up a table and chairs in their shed.  We sat down, between the lawn mower and giggled like school children as they came out from the house with steaming hot coffee, scrambled eggs, toast and big smiles.  We were so happy to be back in the country!!


  1. Miss you Cara!!! Cant wait to read more!! Yas xoxox

  2. Ooooh and please go to an icecream bar and try "spaghetti eis" with strawberry Germany... and go to Aldi and buy some hanuta from the chocolate section!!!

  3. that was supposed to be strawberry topping before you leave Germany...