Monday, August 1, 2011


On the German/Cezch boarder there are mountains.  We climbed them in the rain all morning.  We were broken people.  However, what goes up must come down!  A little stumped at this intersection Cara's extraordinary map reading skills needed to be put into good use because.......  ahead of us was a sign saying "Next 8km 14%" with a little picture of a triangle and a car speeding down it.  So the importance of going in the right direction at this point was like life or death.  If you don't know what 14% downhill is like on a bike packed full of gear, maybe try bungee jumping.  ***Cara had no idea these pictures were being taken.*** 


  1. My favourite post so far Curtis.....
    powerful stuff, dont u just love the concentration

  2. Hahaha aha such a Hills xx s