Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trouble brewing

Cara posted;
Km's today approx 65.

Leaving Akcay we were once again pumped and ready for an epic adventure - as we keep saying to one and other each day setting off "I wonder what random events are going to occur today!".  Epic it was, starting with three broken spokes, a killer headwind, another cut finger (goida how does he do it?), an impromptue guitar show, two terrible bike mechanics, one broken hub, roadworks and tar stains, walking a bike, donated beer and cherries, and finishing with accidently showering in someones private shower (sorry very angry man). 

It was our worst and best day yet as we limped into Ada Camp on Alibey Island, past pine forests and olive groves lucky to have car-less roads, smooth tarmac below us, and pushing over the last rise of the day the western side of the Island opened up to show off its shimmering blue bay's facing out to Lesvos. 

We were red faced, sore, angry, arguing and pretty much over everything when the receptionist was trying say "we have gas cooker, showers facilites, laundry and two beache..."  I cut her off and said "thankyou, but do you have Efes beer?".  She laughed and shouted us a round as we collapsed beachside. 

the end to a very long day....

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  1. Hey Cara, Jay here hope you are both enjoying your adventure, it certainly appears that way. What a wonderful experience.....Take care Jay