Thursday, June 2, 2011

Back in the saddle

Cara posted;
We hugged the coast this day seeing us cycle 55km to the town of Ackay.  Well rested we were powering on, loving the scenery of craggy rocks, olive groves and lots of dogs protecting the olive groves.  Curtis got his long sword out - ok this is what he's calling a trekking pole that we bought to use in the event a dog would attack us.  So of course Curtis is in love with it and back in our unit in Istanbul he would swing it around saying "just try and bite us dog... just try it", unconvinced still of the long swords strength he even wacked his own arm, yelping afterwards "wow, ok that really hurt".

Camping options in Ackay were hideous - charging hotel prices for a patch of dirt and gross facilities.  I hasselled an army man standing at his post with a machine gun looking very very bored and struck gold!  He told us of a hostel just around the corner that would be cheap as chips.

We checked in only to discover the owner was once again in love with Curtis and after petting his arms we escaped to the town centre to soak up this awesome little town.  Just off the beach there are fresh water springs and you can see the town folk filling up their water containers with this extra sweet "special" water.  I sampled this water at breakfast the next morning and it was super sweet and really refreshing to drink.  Tomorrow is Curtis dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Johno) so we sampled some icecream in his absence and retired knowing we had a big day tomorrow.

curtis beard is coming up nice and red btw



  1. wow curtis r u feeling the loooooove.... Men men men everywhere wanted to t t t t t t touch you.
    As long as you get cheap food, rent l l l l l l let them. Happy birthday John!!!!
    Love Mumcha

  2. rereading the blog, what a trip !!!!!
    long swords, dogs attacking, machine guns and Man Love