Monday, June 6, 2011


With Curtis' hub broken we had to catch a bus the last 150km to Izmir, hoping there will be a decent bike shop with the right parts so we can continue.  We both felt completely defeated getting on the bus watching the countryside zoom past.  Even when we see massive hills ahead we are loving the bike riding and the feeling of getting ourselves to a destination.  We felt like cheaters on the comfortable air-conditioned bus which had a trolley boy in full suit with bow tie who handed out free ice-creams, snacks and drinks?!!! We were dumbfounded as the bus only cost us 8AUD.

We contacted Bulent, who modified our bikes in Istanbul and said if we had any problems he would be able to help out.  He was holidaying in Germany when he received our email but still paused to give us THE BEST contact in Izmir. 

So here we are today as Curtis' back wheel is being rebuilt by the Turkish Cycling Teams Captain!  His name is Mustafa.... so we were just happy with that alone, but looking at all his trophes and framed action shots in his shop was really cool.  When we told him our rough route for cycling he pulled up his trouser pants to show off a very nasty scar and another one exceptionally close to his neck - proclaiming "I"m professional rider, but it was raining and in Montenegro the mountains are difficult in the wet".  Curtis and I just gulped and kept looking at this guys war wounds.  Crazy turkish cyclist!

Yesterday (being Sunday) we had nothing to do and decided a cheap $4 bus ride to the ancient ruins of Ephesus would lift us out of our defeated attitudes.  I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

We have 100km to reach the port town of Cesme where we will catch a ferry to the greek island of Chios.  Spending a few days on Chios we will push on to Athens cycling 5 days to reach the port town of Patra.  Realising our comfort with the language basics in Turkey will vanish overnight we are trying our best to scrub up on some greek, currently we only know the word Ouzo which might get a bit nasty after a while. 

Backgammon and tea, Turkey's favourite past time and mine included.  Curtis is just way to easy to beat in any game really.

very unhappy waiting for the bus..


  1. Arrghhh, whats a little speed hump along the way.......probably just meant to be, rest up and enjoy it all, I'm working my heart out at gym and thinking of you every time it gets tough, your my inspiration! xoxo sweat pea xoxo

  2. Camel time hump up those carbs ready for the next hill

  3. Just keep going Just keep going :) s xx cant wait to see the greek photos!!!!!!!!