Wednesday, June 1, 2011


After taking the "old road" and seeing the first off the saddle push (by Cara), we took two days off in Assos and made them count!

the habour town of Assos

Perfect spot to sun ourselves

Curtis looking across to the Island of Lesvos to see if the Illiad is true

walking the esplanade


best beer spot yet!  Overlooking Assos the Agean and Lesvos

curtis made me drink it!

our camping spot and amazing ice cold beer glasses

this one is for Sas who photographed the recent front cover of Frankie Mag


  1. Wow!!!!! Your camping spot must be the BEST in the world :) Your view is priceless xx s xx

  2. yr camping spot must be called 'livin the dream'
    that last shot is just beautiful. 3 cheers for Sas what an achievement. love u like im loving cough medicine atm. mumcha