Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turkish Victory!

Cara and Curtis posted;
We woke to the sound of Turkish music at Metallica concert levels.  This time it was from a group of men celebrating who-knows-what, but had been enthusiastically drumming and dancing for 12 hours (what seemed like outside our window).  We packed up all our gear which takes at least half an hour and set pace to find breakfast in town.  We struck gold and had yummy soup, endless bread and pastry delights all for under 5AUD!! Did we mention we love Turkey!!!  Cara got takeaway Turkish Delight style sweets wrapped around walnuts as well.

The first 25km into Erzine was a peice of piss and we were on fire!!! The second 20km into the town of  Akvacik was brutal, the head-wind was so fierce we felt we were peadling backwards.  The lure of lunch kept us going as we knew of a Friday market promising big things.  The market dissapointed but thankfully we found a little pizza shop in town serving up Pizza's called Disco and Show Pizza, so of course we ordered according to names.

Soon after Cara's Disco was doing a double on her, and my show was repeating itself, making the incredibly steep hill out of town a massive struggle to get up.  We had 17km till we reached our campsite and each km seemed to house a hill!  It was 5pm and we were struggling big time.  Trying to explain our state and the size of the hills seems now difficult, but we were in a world of pain with Cara even getting off the bike to walk up the inclines. The journey involved 3 canyons which made us feel like we were travelling through the middle of the US.  This was how our conversation went;

Cara "you reckon we have anymore hill's today?"
Curtis "nah, this is it floss floss, last hill"
pedalling over the rise....
Curtis "omg floss look at that f*cking hill!"
Cara "omg your kidding me, another hill!"

and this continued for the whole 2 hours...

After reaching what we thought was our final hill we came around the corner to meet the fantastic little town of Pasakoy. It is positioned on a hill just 4km from Assos but unfortunatley we thought it WAS Assos so after realising we had another 4km we were sooooo broken.  All we could see was a this winding little strip of tarmac scaling the mountainside!  FINALLY reaching Assos we could see the ruins of the former Temple of Athena sitting atop the mountain.

We crawled at a snails pace along the road following signs to the Camping.  Rounding the ruins we were riding along the edge of road looking out to the Agean Sea and the neighbouring Greek Island of Lesvos, the veiw at this point was beyond amazing and we were both speechless.  Literally falling down the hill into the harbour of Assos we found ourselves amoungst a seaside of stone houses-cum-hotels and small fishing boats tied up on their day off.  Cara bartered with the camping guy and got our tent spot for a ridiculously cheap price and we've now decided to stay for two days rest.  The pebble beach and crystal clear water, smell of waffles cooking, fresh fish and ice cold beer are just too appealing!  

We visited the ruines only for Curtis to have a serious case of Pompeii so we had to tuck and roll out to find a toilet.  This village housed Aristotle back in the day so we both made an effort to stop and have a moment to 'philiosiphise' about life and such.... (see my picture below, Curtis was still on the toilet thinking) 

Turkish men next to our Pizza lunch stop debating something

in a cute little town

Mayor of cute little town - with eggs

the almost first finish

unreal veiw of the Agean Coast, almost there!!!!

Temple of Athena ruins

fastfood options - spinach and fetta pancakes

Philosopher at thought..... watch this space



  1. I don't want you guys to come home! I'm enjoying your travel stories waaay too much. I've bookmarked your blog and check it every second day! It's amazing!

  2. Go the feta & spinach pancakes........
    Who needs a history lesson when we have curtis and caras travels keep on posting them!!!!