Monday, May 16, 2011

we found our bikes!

Cara posted:
Today walking up the street I saw this sign and thought it was kind of like what this trip is for us in a strange way. 

just some parts..

Anyway, after

- walking for two hours
- getting lost
- one arguement
- one pretzel

- one apology
- two bakery stops
- one kebab stop
- one trip around a spice bazzar

- two cups of OJ
- coke and water
- getting distracted by amazing water side scenery
- two buses


So tomorrow we return to get the racks and panniers fitted, followed by our first ride in Istanbul!  Tonight, sitting amoungst bike basecamp in the living room of our apartment we planned our last days in Istanbul and we might be leaving sooner then expected.  Looking at the panniers and gear we have I'm a little surprised that we have done so well and didn't overpack.

Our current concerns are;

- massive dogs that are everywhere
- camping options
- timing (we have decided to meet a good friend for a trumpet festival in Belgrade at the end of August)
- route options
- seeing everything in Istanbul we want to see
- coming in under budget
- how much turkish bread we are consuming...

Which brings me to my next point - food!  I have been sampling from the local shops many delishious assortments to deliver a hearty breakfast in the hope that it will get us through the morning without reverting to eating out.  So I have a few photos of our breakfast, supplies and yummy feeds along the way - we can only hope our options will be this decadant when we hit the road!

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  1. Just got home from work and looking at all the YUMMY food i'm starving and envious!!!!!!!!!!!
    Watched Amazing Race last night and thought of u 2 doing yr own amazing trip. And then i remembered yr words 'MASSIVE DOGS EVERYWHERE' and im praying u have had yr rabies shots and that curtis has a massive GUN or something to deter them. Then i just put my fingers in my ears and go 'lalalalalalalala' Hey its worked so far. Love u like im loving my doona in the early mornings. Mumcha