Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day one - Princes Islands

Cara Posted;
There are several Islands only a one hour ferry ride away from Istanbul, called the Princes Islands.  The last and largest was our destination for the first day on the bikes.  The Islands have no cars, and instead use only donkeys and horse drawn carts as transport.  You can also hire bicycles to get around, and a lap of the Island takes approximately two hours.  We thought this would be a great way to warm the legs up and see where Istanbullers go on the weekends.  Its really cute all the young couples come here, pick wild flowers growing everywhere and make daisy chains and a picnic in the woods.  The Island is free camping anywhere so we really had the best of both worlds without cars and accomodation sorted.  Camping for the first time was really simple and easy, we have our routine down after only day one!  We did have a friendly horse that camped near us and kept us awake most of the night, but there is nothing like fresh fetta and spinich lasagne for breakfast to get over a bad nights sleep.

When we first took off from our apartment in the morning nervously wobbling down the road, I felt as though we'd bitten off way more than we could chew, but by late afternoon I felt like an old professional as we sat atop of cliffs looking out onto the Sea of Marmara.  It was a stunning first day.

trusty steeds - Hi-Ho (curtis' silver bike) and Lagoon (cara's blue bike)

Hi-Ho Silver away!

cute little markets

we saw two girls almost get trampled by the horse carriages

Lunch/Dinner spot

great veiws from our dinning position

Day one almost over!

never far from our thoughts...

this was the most fresh amazing fetta and spinach lasagne!

feast fit for a king

our first camping spot


  1. Hey Hey Hey, we are at Riss's having coffee and have opened this blog on the laptop and have the photo of you guys having coffee so it feels like you are with us xxx love all of us xxx

  2. ahhh guys this blog is awesome just spent a good hour looking through it all and reminising about some parts of india! love the reunion of you guys at the airport with the baby haha thats gold! ill have to try and find a baby at LAX when i meet homo to do the same haha not sure if the americans will be so easy to give up there baby if i ask them too hahaha let alone hold my bag of bombs haha! love hannah xxx