Sunday, May 15, 2011

Delhi - Doha - Istanbul / Gold Coast - Kuala Lumpur - Doha - Istanbul

We were both soooo excited to finally meet up in the Doha airport... I'd been envisaging running, bags being thrown to the ground, flying leaps into each others arms, tears, kisses, hugging..... but instead I was coming through a security check and I had spotted Curtis on the other side waiting, looking around for me.  The line was going rather slow and the security guards were gettting anxious and yelling, pushing people through to go faster.  Just a few people ahead of me was a couple with new born twins they were craddling and struggling with hand luggage, and as they reached the front of the line the security officer started yelling at the father to take his jacket off.  Which was impossible whilst he held the baby, so he goes to hand the new born to the security officer who refused to hold the baby, so I rushed over and said "I'll take the baby, if you take my luggage (which was perfect because my luggage was full of cocaine! kidding) and I'll meet you on the other side."  Mother and father blessed me and were so relieved to have some help.  The baby was the most ADORABLE tiny girl I did think for a moment of running off, but instead I looked over and there was Curtis with a very concerned look on his face.  So I yelled out hello, don't worry its not my baby I'm just helping.... and the four of us stood around awkward while the father tried to pry the baby from my arms.

We are finally in Istanbul and slowly eating our body weight of Turkish bread, hummus, kebabs, pastry and pretty much any type of carb you can think of.  Breakfast  consists of a toasted salami, tomato and cheese sandwhich. You will see crowds of people huddled around these stalls each morning buying this yummy treat for only 1.75AUD.

We should be ready, packed and riding off into the turkish sunset by the 23rd of May but judging by the size of the roaming homeless dogs, we might need more time to buy a gun.  Our apartment is gorgeous as the owner Marco is Italian and an art teacher, so its floor to ceiling artwork.  There is a separate living room which is currently cycling basecamp and tonight over a few scotch and cokes we're going to attempt to pitch the tent!  Wish us luck.

first picture in our apartment
delish sanga's for $1.75

the end result

he's on the corner of our block and for less than $1 we get a big cup of fresh OJ!!!!


the ceiling in the Grand Bazzar

enterance to our wicked apartment block - La Casa De Maria Pia


  1. I wish you both all the luck in the world and if I could buy you a 'Turkish Evil Eye Pendant' I would as this is Turkey's famous lucky charm, it has protective powers and is to 'protect oneself from evil' (especially those wolves Curtis) xxx s

  2. Wow love the photos especially the one of curtis he has a smile that he didnt have here.

  3. OMG how funny, I could so envisage the scene at the airport (Curtis thinking OMG, she's brought a baby from india!!) bahahaha, I nearly wet myself the photo's, they are just incrediable! Enjoy all the moments and keep them treasured in your memories!! Miss you, love you xxooxxoo Marisa & kiddies

  4. I absolutely love your blog!! You know what my favourite thing is, the picture of you guys, please, please, please put more photos up of yourselves. I miss you guys so much and wanna see your smiling mugs xoxoxo
    love kezz, farg and nelsie xoxoxo