Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stealth Camping!

Cara posted;
It was 6:30pm, we had two hours of sunlight left and Curtis' spoke was broken!  So with a broken man and spoke we decided to camp road side.  If you see the photo below we really tried our best to stealth camp..... try and see the tent???  Awesome stealth camping!!!! 

A sleepless night ensued as we rose early to check the bikes and Curtis tried again to mend the spoke.  The country side was beautiful but we encountered many spiders and the grass seemed to "froth" wherever we walked - just weird!  Curtis managed to work it out so that the other spokes would compensate for the broken spoke and soon enough we were off riding into the morning light. 

With no sleep we were both wrecked and the 35km to Bayramic seemed endless when we were met with hill upon hill.  Stopping in a quiet little town we sculled cokes and water realising we still had at least 15km to go till Bayramic.  After checking the phone and getting a wicked txt from Bell we pushed on and were lucky to get the last 2km's (kinda) downhill into town where a friendly Turkish man claimed us straight away and directed us to a resturant.  If luck would have it we were eating directly below a Hostel!!!!!  So we checked in to seedy Yakumhan Hostel and showered with our thongs on just to be safe.

Curtis says,
"Poor old Cara, was so tired or enthusiastic, you be the judge. That she tucked her shirt into her undies to venture off for lunch. This was met by suprised stares from men sipping cay all over town."

Basically Curtis let me sweat out the undies gig until too late, finally saying "gorgeous, your t-shirt is tucked into your undies" which I was pretty devistated about.  Tomorrow we head for the coast, saying goodbye to the countryside, its magnificent scenery and encredibly generous people.  Hopefully I will keep the t-shirt out of the undies from now on! 

little town where we got our sugar hit

the steeds and my stud

amazing landscapes

best fastfood ever - potato, bacon and onion pastry cigars

looking back swearing at a brutal hill

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  1. Harry couldn't find the tent!!! Go stealth camping!!!! s xx