Saturday, May 14, 2011


I desparately wanted to see India again after our brief encounter.  Not realising that the build up to monsoon was in full swing and most parts of India were seeing 40'+ I booked a train to Jaisamler.  Jaisamler is 200km shy of the Pakistan boarder and is camel country, so I pretty much paid to be sent on a train to a furnace... but what a beautiful furnace she was!!!

In the Maharajah room at Surja Hotel I pushed the fan to its limits and found a unopened tube of vegemite in the kitchen - score!!!  The only other tourist staying at Surja was a Canadian fellow who had purchased a Royal Enfeild and was riding across India - jealous much?  I was a little sick but pushed through it to see the Jain temples and bazzars just outside the fort.  The indian's have really perfected the art of sandstone carving here, and everyone I met was so helpful and genuine.

In Nepal I read Shantaram (a famous book about an aussie guy who escaped jail and lived in Bombay), this epic book had the last 20 pages ripped out so as you could imagine I was devestated when i discovered this and refused to buy the book just to read the last 20 pages, but i was right at the cliff hanger and it was killing me that I hadn't finished it!  Anyway, so there i am in a little post office-cum-bookshop in the heart of Jaisamler and I saw Shantaram sitting on the shelf.  Briefly explaining to the owner my sad little story about the dog who ripped out the last 20 pages the owner pulled out a cushion, chair, poured me a chai and gave me Shantaram to finish... this is the hospitality of the Indian people, bless them.  Enjoy the pic's xx 

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  1. I know the cushion (saying it like yr father does) and chai was but.....was the last 20 pages worth it??? Yr photos are now my desktop screen saver love them but WHERE R PHOTOS OF U? mumcha