Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heading to Romania

Cara posted;
Surviving Guca allowed us to re-visit the map of Romania and try to plan exactly where we would be able to ride given our time frame of just three weeks.  Finding it hard to judge the best places to visit we decided to follow the danube into Romania and make our way north tackling the Carpathian mountain range that would drop us into the transilvanian plain.  From there we had planed to head further north before heading west into Hungary and making the push back to Vienna. 

We hadn't expected following the river into Romania to be as spectacular and outrageous as it was, our last day in Serbia provided breath taking scenery and ridiculously scary tunnel rides.  A pitstop for some food in a small town provided a chance encounter with fellow tour cyclists Betty and Joel - who are riding to Kathmandu, Nepal from the UK - thanks for a great chat guys even though it was quick!

We hadn't even made it over the boarder bridge into Romanian soil when Curtis was harrassed by a stray dog.  Unfortunately this event repeated itself several times before we even reached our first town!  Realising (whilst relaxing having a coffee in town) you can only change Serbian currency into Romanian dinar at the boarder was bit of bummer and Curtis took to the challenge doing the 24km round trip.  We soon set off in the direction of the Carpathians, not sure what to expect and with dogs in tow we pushed hard and chased the pain.


  1. Hey, the photos look great!!! However the tunnels look crazy shit scary!!! Keep them coming!!! s xx

  2. the on most important piece of equipment that can save your life is your helmet especially going through tunnels...mickey (