Saturday, September 17, 2011

From the tent take two

Turkey and Greece was a warm up for the terrain we discovered in Romania.  We could see the Carpathians in the distance as we climbed our hearts and legs out on our first day of riding.  Stopping on a very steep hill to watch a very old lady herd cattle across a road.  As we watched and took a few pictures we realised this would be a perfect camping spot and after some handy sign language it was decided this is where we would spend the night. 

After setting up we saw that the old lady had sent her daughter over to us with a bottle of cold water and a plump three month old baby to goo and gaa over.  The sun was setting and we were using wet wipes on our filthy feet as we looked at each other and said "do you think its ok to camp here?  You know with bears and stuff?" - "yeah, should be fine, I mean why would they let us camp here, right?" - "They were taking all their livestock inside though, and they had two massive dogs..." - "hmmm.... well inside the tent then hey!"

Less than two minutes later the farmer let off two rounds from his shotgun...... a dog howled.... we froze.

Maybe an hour later we hear the dogs behind the walls of the house/farm/compound start to go off, barking like crazy and thats when I remembered I left a plastic bag outside with all our grotty wet wipes and some old cheese spread.  No, I decided not to tell Curtis this. 

Turns out wild dogs love wet wipes so much they lick them until they are white again!  They also love cheese spread.  After this, they love nothing more than to sleep curled up at your tent door, and in the morning sit twenty meters away watching you and slowing creeping closer.  Ah, Romania... this is going to be a fun three weeks!


  1. Hahahahahahahahaha that's gold x s

  2. Go the WHITE dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!