Monday, April 4, 2011

a little bit of laughter

Here are some pictures of the activities we've been doing together in Pokhara home.  Usually in the morning we will go for a walk after breakfast to a temple and then find a patch of grass to play games.  I really like the temple because of a cement statue of a bull and from behind its balls are hanging over the edge of the concrete pillar its laying on - i mean the guy who did that sculpting must have forgot to add them and then quickly dropped them over the back, genius.   

We have to be very selective where we go, due to dog attacks and the usual crazy traffic but it doesn't take long to spot a good place.  The children love my Ipod with favourites currently being - Gangstas Paradise by Coolio, Michael Jackson's Dangerous and Peter Gabriel's 80's hit Sledgehammer (sorry Kim but pitbull just didn't make the cut in Nepal).  We also had an epic MoMo making day when Jess was still here, so I wrote down the recipe and we both agreed that the effort we put into the day deserves its own blog post.  So stay tuned.   

playing games in the park

making bracelets

making daisy chains
Navaraj and Pemba just being way to cheeky

boat trip to a temple

beauty salon games
games on the wall

someone stole my camera!

there is always a leader in a group - Abeshek

games on the rooftop in Katmandu

Shaym praying before dinner

first ever park outing and jump rope!

first ever finger nail stickers

Pemba waiting for food

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  1. So many firsts for them as well as you. Treasure it. Love the photos and YOU.