Tuesday, March 29, 2011

eating a nit

The other day I took the boys the get a hair cut in a proper barber shop and my were they impressed!

They were so well behaved and waited patiently for each boy to get his new look.  After they would stare in the mirror smoothing out their hair and looking from all sides.  They insisted on one more quick spray of water before leaving and agreed when I said they looked very handsome. 

Even the barber couldn't help himself and really wanted a picture or ten... then kept changing is pose!  He was happy with this picture although I didn't want to mention how shabby he looked, even if the pink t-shirt was really matching his eyes.

Abeshek had 1 nit!!!!!  The barber pulled my hand out and promptly dropped it on to my palm while shaking his head, so I pretended to eat it and all the boys freaked out. ahahhahaa  



  1. i love these photos!
    i've lost your email! email me!
    i want to write to you!!

  2. UMMMMMMMMMMM that Barber.