Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kuala Lumpur

Apparently Lumpur means dirty, and Kuala has something to do with a river - so here i am in Dirty River town and its awesome!

After getting an upgrade at the hostel I really wanted to go for a walk and get a beer, its a steamy 30' and Saturday night so the street was starting to really pick up.  This guy walks out we get to talking and he's from Wein and its his last night in KL. 

So what do you do with an Austrian and an Australian?  You drink beer!  So we drank a couple of beers, Marcus been here for two weeks and showed me where to go and there was this market place like in Vietnam and I had this Mango salad that blew my head off with spices and a piece of fish in batter, but I think they forgot the fish!  He cracked me up because every thing he said started with an identical Borat voice of "very naaaiiiiice" ahhahah in my head I was thinking 'say it again... and again ehhehehehehe".

Verrriiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee NNaaaaaaacceeeee

I called it a night after seeing the towers and taking a few pics... and he was really pumped about our trip and said he would love to have a beer with us in Austria and gave me his details.

Store lady pouring a bucket of blood.  Just kidding, its some awesome curry sauce.

This morning I was walking to the shops and there was this market stall going nuts with customers and they were all Malay customers - which translates to wicked crazy food that's loose for sure ... so I took a pic and the owner comes over and starts talking to me and this is how it went;

Me "oh sorry is it ok to take photos?"
Man "Yes yes you take lots of photo, where you from"
Me "Australia, are you the owner?"
Man "yes I have this shop for 30 years now, very good food, you take lots of photos of my food"
Me "thank you very much your food looks wonderful and yummy but I'm vegetarian so I will have the samosas" 
Man "you come back here and I teach you to cook and you go home to Australia and we start restaurant.......yeah??"
Me "um.... I leave this afternoon, so maybe next time.  Thank you its all very nice, goodbye"
Man "Ok, I have eye operation - see my eye (pointing at eye), but it getting better now.  You lovely lady and you come back and we make business"
Me "ok good luck with your business and your eye" 

That is all x


  1. Wow sounds like u r having an amazing time already. Except when u say i met a guy and we go drinking.... What about yr kidneys and the black market!!! love u love u love u mum cha

  2. woohoo! sounds so delicious

  3. AWESOME!!!! So exciting!!!! Take care xx Love you lots xx

  4. Hi /cara how is it going over there? Have become a grandma while you have been away, I have read your blog it sounds like a great trip, I am trying to get it on my computer, but at the moment it wont accept it, but i will.Moranbah sucks but you get that the rain keeps coming down... Your mums house looks amazing cant wait to see it finished. Okay take care lots of love thinking of you and dont drink tooooo much!!! Kim aka grandma