Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm sorry Curtis but I had a one night stand with India...

You've heard it all before, the smells that hit you at the airport, the people ripping you off ect but you know what, it just wasn't like that.  I didn't get hassled by men, not once did a child beg me for money, nor did I get sick. 

Instead I fell in love with Delhi because of its food, people, children, religion and heart.  I cannot wait to go back and was devastated I only had one day.  I woke up at 4:30am and drank chai with the old Delhi men and the dogs on the street, bartered with a tuk tuk driver and drove around the city while it woke up. 

I shared grapes with a 14 yr old boy who insisted on painting a henna tattoo for no money and the cafe I ate at when I arrived late at night didn't charge me for my food because he realised I had not exchanged allot of rupee yet.

Flying into Delhi I was sitting amongst a group of 20 Islamic men who were returning home after a four month pilgrimage in Malaysia.  They offered me biscuits and told me stories about Mohammad only to pause when the sun was setting over India to say prayer in the aisle of the plane.  They helped me find a taxi and gave me their number in case I had any trouble in Delhi.

I know it was only one day but thanks for being so kind India.

- Ill add more pics soon, it takes so long  to load them and sorry about spelling mistakes


  1. WOW.... Curtis you have a lot of wooooooing to do. Prayers Cha...... what next. love love love u Mum cha

  2. yes thats right Curtis.... alot of wooooing... heheh

  3. Hey Cara - caught up with the blog sooooo jealous. Enjoy your time there and the FOOD - please post a good curry recipe.
    Take it easy - Jay

  4. OMGosh, all sounds've really proud of love love the posts......I look every day waiting for a new one hehe........LOVE UR SIS, Ava & Cooper xoxo

  5. Miss Cara, sounds like your adventure has had the most wonderful start to it!
    I can't wait to see some more pickies and read more about your travels.
    Would love a great curry recipe as well.....
    Safe travels. Rache & Brad xx