Friday, October 14, 2011

Goodbye Romania

We cannot describe the feeling of riding the bicycles into the unknown.  We like a path; see a sign; a stranger recommends a journey; or it looks like a good way on the map..... and then you end up in a valley with waterfalls, fields with fish farms, or a quaint little country town.  Often there will be a tiny town that we cycle through and all the old people are sitting out getting some afternoon sun waving and smiling as we roll past.  Sometimes there is so much rubbish we feel our lungs cringe and we cannot understand how this comes to be.  Catching glimpes into peoples lives as they kill a chicken for dinner or milk a cow behind a see-through fence.  We try not to stop and stare and often find ourselves - jaws on the floor - saying to each other random things like "was that guy using a big knife to carve the bark off a tree stump? Is that his job? It is 6:30pm, maybe its his hobby? How many stumps a day do you think he gets through?".   

We were close to Rimena, a town we had been told to visit for its beauty, and that was enough for us.  Approaching this tiny town we could see an incredible backdrop *see above picture, and as we rode closer Curtis said;

 "how much fun would it be to climb that and camp on top?"

 "yeah that would be so great hey" Cara replied.....

so we did and it was the perfect way to finish off a very special country.

You may be wondering what we did with the bikes so check out the next post for that story.

this really awesome dog followed us for the first half an hour, we named him Barny.

I wish it was beer.
Things got a little crazy with the lack of oxygen.

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