Sunday, June 12, 2011

I am giving up chocolate

Curtis bought me a twix about three days ago in Turkey and I had totally forgot about it.  Anyway, I was digging around trying to find something in my front bag when I came across the melted twix!!!  I was stoked and tore a small hole in the wrapping, squeezing out the chocolatey goodness trying hard to break up the biscuit parts.... I know this is actually a bit gross but a chocolate hit on the bikes is a really wicked pick me up - dont judge me. 

Happy with my efforts and licking the chocolate from my cheeks I rode off only to hear a loud crisp twang sound come from my back tyre.  Yep I had broken a spoke, so I have sworn off chocolate.  Well at least till Italy! 


  1. Am listening to Paul Kelly eating chocolate for you :) thinking of you guys!!!! s x PS - Eat all the chocolate you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sound like ur both havin' a wicked time. Bo Selector. Lissing you both, danger and kim x