Monday, May 9, 2011

India was just a fling, but Nepal you broke my heart.

I think this video sums up Nepal for me.  When I was sitting there with Fulmaya (who was a bit sick because old habits die hard - she was caught eating some rubbish), two well dressed Nepalese people came into Happy Home with two children, a boy and a girl probably 9 years old.  After a lot of tense talking the children fell asleep in the kids room while Bishwa's wife showed them to the gate and this is the story I was told later from Bishwa;

"There is a lady who started a home for street kids and orphans, and it has been said that she wasn't running the institution with the children's best interests.  So last week a boy aged 10 hung himself in the home and the police came and the lady is now in jail.  This home had approximately 20 children who are now back on the street and this couple heard of Happy Home and bought these two here.  It is hard to turn them away even if we are full."

Bishwa and his wife have made a lifelong commitment to saving, rehabilitating and giving children of Nepal a chance at a better life.  They became parents instantly to 20 children, now 43 and the number is still growing.  There are few people we meet in life who make a change to your heart in an instant and I feel so privileged to have met Bishwa.  If you have ten minutes you can watch this short of a documentary that a volunteer created late last year which is so tragic and beautiful -


  1. OMG she is so beautiful, this is a tragedy for these beautiful children and it breaks my heart. We are so lucky to have Bishwa and his wife in this world and as well as you my beautiful little sister xx I love you xx s

  2. What mummy material u r!!!!!!
    Ditto from S.
    Please post a photo of Bishwa if u have one.
    yes and once again i cried and cried.
    Love love u

  3. What beautiful angels they are, that doco pulls at your heart strings.