Sunday, April 10, 2011

Annapurna Circuit

On the 12th of April I set off with nine others to walk for 20 days - the Annapurna Circuit.  The climax is Thorong La Pass, the highest mountain pass in the world, according to Nepalese maps, standing at 5,400 meters (roughly). 

Tonight I met the other seven, who believe it or not are Doctors and Nurses or in the medical field of some sort.  All of whom are from Spain.  All of whom expressed there unfit status as they smoked some hash(thank goodness!).  I sit there and close my eyes listening to the Spanish dialogue and feel right at home, as if I just flicked over to SBS on Saturday night around 11pm and this is what I imagine is being said;

"I'm going to fucking kill you when I finish this cigarette" says Spanish man with gravel voice (who's really a nurse)
"Not before I kill you, you assss hole for taking all the drugs and money and selling me out" says skinny tall dark Spanish man is low drawl (actually a doctor)
"you need to stop this fighting, I love you both!!! Lets make pancakes!!!" says prostitute (actually a really nice Spanish woman who's a doctor and just volunteered three months in rural India).

So this goes on all night, and I feel that this trek will be most successful, even if its just for my imagination!

See you in 20 days. x

PS Laura if you read this, come and I'll explain it xx

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  1. wow what have u been eating, drinking smoking.... jajajaj
    how funny... pancakes
    love mumcha